Jummah Problems

Thinker 1: I was at Jummah yesterday and I think I slept through half the khutba.

Thinker 2: That’s funny because I was sitting right next to you.

Thinker 1: So you were sleeping too?

Thinker 2: no my friend I’ve been battling this problem for a while and I believe it’s been defeated *wink wink*


Thinker 1: I am usually up during the first few minutes of the khutba but unless I bite the inside of my cheek…I am gone.


Thinker 2: that’s a pretty good trick but I have something even better and I believe this trumps all the tricks.

Thinker 1:  enlighten me bro

Thinker 2  so whenever I feel like I am about to fall asleep I tried to contemplate on my entire weeks  worth of spiritual ups and downs

Thinker 1: so basically tuned out

Thinker 2: hahaha – if you put it that way it sounds bad but essentially yes if it means gaining at least some sort of wisdom or knowledge on  the blessed day of Jummah.

Thinker 1: That’s good but isn’t the purpose of Jummah is to  to listen to the guy talking from the podium

Thinker 2: unfortunately that is what Jummah has become for most Muslims in this day and age but the real reason of Jummah is to find a Spiritual renewal at the end of one’s week

Thinker 1: That is true but the guy talking in the front is so redundant I feel he says the same thing every week which bores me to sleep

Thinker 2: Well there are two problems if you were asleep how did you know he said the same thing last week and I believe your biggest problem is that you’re focusing way too much on the speaker instead of The Entity which is being spoken about.


Why are Jummah khutbas captivating for some people and not so much for others?

Is it attention span?

The topic of the khutba?

The khateeb’s delivery method?

One’s own spritiual condition?

All/some of the above or something else?

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